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Cooking Classes in Italy: one of the best activity activities and things to do in Italy

Mama Isa in Italy offers a wide range of cooking classes. She is a chef and a pasta maker ("sfoglina"). Isa promotes the healthful eating, the "slow food" and the importance of kitchen cleanliness.
Come to learn how to make your favourite Italian recipes with love, and remember you will use only the best ingredients available!

Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Italy includes hands-on cooking lessons and tastings. At the end of the class you'll eat the fruit of your lesson!

Take a hands-on class in Italian cuisine: the only souvenir you want to take home from Italy!!! It's a fun way to get introduced to Italy and its culture. 

The Cooking Education is becoming one of the most favoured and popular activity.

Cooking Classes Italy with Mama Isa
The Art of Pasta Making in Italy
Hungry for fresh pasta Tagliatelle or Tortelloni? Hungry for Pizza? Hungry for Lasagna? Hungry for Focaccia? Hungry for Tiramisu? Get cooking with Mama Isa's Classes (Pasta Making Class Italy - Pizza Making Class Italy - Bread Making Class Italy - Half Day Cooking Class Italy - Risotto Class Italy - Fish Cooking Class - Tiramisu Class......) and learn the Art of Italian Cooking and you can easily learn how to prepare the most famous Italian dishes and recipes!

If you’re a person who likes to learn how to make pasta or pizza from scratch, try a cooking class in Italy, or learn to make your own pasta or pizza.

Cooking activities are hands-on and all students participate about 99%.

Contact immediately Mama Isa and book a cooking class in Italy!  

If you want to see the Mama Isa's dishes, visit Mama Isa on Pinterest 
Cooking Classes with Mama Isa on Pinterest
Mama Isa on Pinterest