Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cooking Vacations in Italy & Culinary Travel in Italy & Cooking Classes in Italy

Welcome in Italy! One of the best ways to experience Italian Cuisine is by taking a cooking class!
Mama Isa's Cooking School is run by Mama Isa

Join us in hands-on Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in the Veneto region. Mama Isa welcomes you to her Italy. In Padova, near Venice, she established the Mama Isa's Cooking School for foreigners. You will learn all about the art of Italian cooking, from growing organic vegetables to serving a beautiful meal, from "antipasto" (appetizers) to desserts. 
Mama Isa has a great passion and devotion to good food and loves sharing her recipes and the Italian traditions. 
There are one-day cooking class, two-day cooking classes, three-day cooking classes and week-long courses (5 or 6 days).
Mama Isa's Programs: 2- to 6-session courses (available on request any day for a minimum of 2 people) that focus on the Italian food, culinary traditions and techniques.

Cookery Courses Italy
Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Italy near Venice

Pasta Class Italy with Mama Isa

Take a look

Gnocchi with Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Italy
Gnocchi with Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Italy or become Mama Isa's fan


  1. Thank you Mama Isa for the fabulous experience my sister-in-law and I had a marvelous time at your cooking school. This all started when I wanted to treat my sister-in-law, a gourmet cook, to Italian cooking school. I chose your cooking school because the classes are small and hands-on. I never dreamed that making fresh pasta could be so much fun. Did I mention that I am not a gourmet cook? After spending three days making some of the best food in Padova, I am hooked. My sister-in-law had the time of her life and she appreciates having a chance to learn Italian cooking from you and your assistant Stefano. We are now "mangiare Italiano"

    Thanks again for a grand experience. You are an excellent teacher. There is never a doubt that you love what you do. We loved it too. Alma and Betty from USA

    1. Thanks Betty and please follow my blog and share with your friend! I miss you!!!!!