Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Food Tourism & Culinary Tourism | Our Experience at Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Venice Italy

Food Tourism & Culinary Tourism 

Travelers are hungry for food tourism!
In Italy I think that it's very important to develop more programs of interest to hungry travelers (food tourism, culinary tourism, cooking experience, market tour.....). There is a growing tendency among tourists to have more interest in authenticity, in particular about the food and about the real and genuine traditional dishes!
Food is a living tradition for me.
I founded my cooking school because I'm so proud of Italian Food Culture: it is a great part of Intangible Cultural Heritage, in particular in Italy.
It's my experience to live the enthusiasm of my cooking guests: they're super excited and at the end of the cooking class they're happy because they had spent a different day as an important part of their adventure travel.

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