Garganelli is one of the best homemade fresh egg pasta!

Garganelli is a short pasta (pasta corta), a sort of tubular pasta, totally homemade.

Come to learn how to make Garganelli 

The ingredients are a special Wheat Flour 00 (doppio zero) and Organic Eggs.

You can make garganelli at home:
1- Sift the wheat flour 00 and knead vigorously with eggs.
2- Let to rest the garganelli dough for 30 minutes
3- Roll out into a thin "sfoglia" pasta sheet (2 mm), and cut in squares (large 5-6 cm)
4- With a special garganelli utensil (pettine = comb), roll obliquely on a wooden stick, and then make the characteristic ridges with a special garganelli-tool. The ridges, made with a "pettine", hold the sauce better than a simple smooth surface.
5- Boil in salted water.
6- Toss the Garganelli with an Italian Sauce(or Bolognese Sauce or Pesto Sauce or another tasty Italian sauce).

Garganelli by hand
Garganelli by hand

Garganelli by hand

Garganelli by hand

The name "garganelli" derives from the word "garganel" (=chicken’s gullet) which the ridged garganello resembles.
There is a famous legend about the origin of garganelli: A poor housewife had a cat, whose cat ate all the filling for the tortellini she was making. Her guests had already arrived. She had already cut the pasta squares for making tortellini. In a moment of great inspiration, she rolled the squares around a stick and then over the "pettine" comb  that every housewife possessed!

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