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A new community on Google + about "The Art of Pasta Making"

We created a new community on Google+ about the Art of Pasta Making.
We are there to talk about fresh homemade pasta. We are proud that "fresh pasta" is one of the best-known and most-consumed foods in the world.
Most people can’t make good fresh pasta because they lack 2 important things: knowledge and passion. Pasta-making is an ART, and like all arts it requires a great passion and knowledge.
We encourage pasta lovers to explore the "world of fresh pasta" and share their experiences with us.
In this community you will explore and discover the history, the techniques, the ingredients, the recipes, the knowledge, the passion and all there is to know about "fresh homemade pasta".
And remember we love the traditional way to make fresh egg pasta, only with a wooden board, a rolling pin and a sharp knife (not with pasta-maker!!!).
For this reason in Italy we offer pasta making courses, because we want to introduces everyone to the world of fresh pasta and tell them about our great
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