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Food Market Tour in Padova Italy with Mama Isa: book a food tour today

Food Market Tour in Padova (Padua), in the Veneto region - Italy with Mama Isa.

Enjoy Padova through its most historic non-touristy traditional Padova Food Open-air Markets: Piazza delle Erbe & Piazza dei Frutti & Piazza dei Signori and "sotto il Salone". 

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Book a Food Tour Market Padova today!

Food Market Tour Italy in Padua near Venice with Mama Isa
Food Market Tour in Padua (Padova) Italy with Mama Isa
Enjoy Padua with us! We offer Food Tour in the centre of Padova! 2 or 3 or 4 hours tour!

Padua- Piazza delle Erbe: Food Market Tour with Mama Isa
Padova (Padua): Piazza delle Erbe. Food Market Tour with Mama Isa
The historic centre of Padua is dominated by the "Palazzo della Ragione".
Food Market Tour Padua with Mama Isa: Palazzo della Ragione
Piazza delle Erbe (on Sunday) and Palazzo della Ragione

This marvellous gothic Palazzo was built in 1218 to host the Court of Justice on the upper floor. It hosted (and hosts now) various grocery shops on the ground floor, called "sotto il Salone".
Piazza delle Erbe and Palazzo della Ragione (on Sunday)
Padua: Palazzo della Ragione & Piazza delle erbe (on Sunday)

The vast hall of "Palazzo della Ragione" is called il Salone: it is one of the largest and most ancient medieval hanging halls of the world. Its beautiful walls are covered by 15th century frescoes (333 frescoes with the "Zodiaco", inspired by the Astrological Theories of one of the greatest medieval scientists, Pietro d’Abano.

Near the Palazzo della Ragione these are three "piazza" squares: Piazza delle Erbe (Erbs Square) founded in the 12th century and still existing, Piazza della Frutta (Fruit Square) and Piazza dei Signori. They are the site of Padua’s Daily Market, which has been taking place here for more than 800 years!!!!!
Padua: Piazza dei Frutti and Torre degli Anziani
Padua: Torre degli Anziani - Piazza dei Frutti

The squares are lined by restaurants, "osterie" bars (where you'll taste the famous "tramezzini"), restaurants, shops and historical buildings.

The tour consists in 2 or 3 or 4 hours.
We will visit:
- 3 open-air great squares (founded in the 12th century and still existing):
a - Piazza delle Erbe (erbs Square) (full of cereals, seasonal fruits and vegetables, salads, herbs, bird-seeds);
b- Piazza dei Frutti in Padova(an open-air market with seasonal fruits and vegetable, but also clothing, plants,......)
c- Piazza dei Signori (an open-air market with clothing, plants, household items, antiques, shoes, local products, and more);
and one of the most ancient covered markets in the world:
d- called "sotto il Salone": full of Italian cheese and salami, sausages, meats and all sorts of goods.
Sotto il Salone - Padova - Food Market Tour with Mama Isa
"Sotto il Salone": Padova

At the end of Food Market Tour, you'll enjoy a wine tasting in a Traditional Vineria "wine bar" 'sotto al Salone'!!
These impressive open-air markets are four of the most ancient markets in the world.

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