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Cooking Classes in Jesolo area near Venice in the heart of Padova with Mama Isa

Cooking Classes in Jesolo area, in the heart of Padova (Veneto - Italy) with the Chef Mama Isa.

Mama Isa, a Cooking Class teacher, near Jesolo in the Veneto region in Padova (a short ride by bus or by car from Jesolo, only a hour).

The Chef offers a wide range of cooking classes for foodies, for travelers, for Italian food lovers, and for tourists which love Italian food and love cooking and learning how to cook in Jesolo.
The cooking lesson is completely from scratch and hands-on, not in a cooking studio but in apartment.

FRESH PASTA MAKING CLASS (The Art of Pasta Making from scratch ravioli, tagliatelle, fettuccini, tortellini, gnocchi di patate, garganelli....) (PASTA WORKSHOP) - PIZZA MAKING CLASS (PIZZA WORKSHOP from scratch) - HALF DAY COOKING CLASS (4-5 hrs. plus a delicious meal) - FULL DAY COOKING CLASS (7 hrs. plus a delicious meal) - TIRAMISU CLASS - PASTRY CLASS - VEGETARIAN COOKING CLASS or VEGAN COOKING CLASS - LASAGNA CLASS - ARANCINI CLASS- BREAD BAKING CLASS (CIABATTA WORKSHOP or PANINI WORKSHOP) - FOCACCIA CLASS....... and if you love other Italian dishes, please contact Mama Isa

Included a meal and wine pairings (only DOC or DOCG or IGP or IGT Italian wines) or other drinks.

We offer 1 day or 3 days or week cooking courses (with accomodation included).
Every cooking course is hands on, not a demonstration!
Jesolo Cookery Courses
Cooking Classes in Jesolo

Pasta Class
The New York Times has featured Mama Isa, as one of the 5 best cooking schools in Italy

See Mama Isa's Web Site and choose what kind of cooking class you want to attend!

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Cookery Courses with Mama Isa near Jesolo in Padova Italy
Cooking Classes in Jesolo area with Mama Isa

Cooking Course in Jesolo
Pasta Making

Fettuccine all'Amatriciana
Fettuccine all'Amatriciana
Pasta Class

Send an email and book a cooking class with the Chef Mama Isa! Mama Isa is available all the year, from Monday to Sunday: UPON REQUEST.
Mama Isa email is isacookinpadua (at) gmail (dot) com

or call us (or text us with WHATSAPP
+39 339 26 72 571

If you are planning a holiday in Jesolo  and if you are a foodie or an Italian food lovers, take a cooking class at Mama Isa's homey Cooking School (in the heart of Padova, a short ride by car or by bus from Jesolo).
Cookery Courses Jesolo
Cooking Classes Jesolo

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