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How to hand-roll fresh pasta dough with the chef Mama Isa

  How to hand-roll fresh egg pasta dough

with the Chef Mama Isa

  How To Hand-Roll Pasta Dough at Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Venice

Mama Isa loves to roll out fresh egg pasta dough by hand on a wooden surface. This traditional way gives fresh pasta the texture that holds a delicious sauce!

So she places pasta dough in the center of a wooden work surface (the best surface is wood, because marble is too cold and reduces the elasticity). Using a special long rolling pin for fresh pasta, she flattens in center. Then she rolls out pasta dough using a gentle motion, then she turns pasta dough 90 degrees and again repeat.

She continues to gradually roll and turns pasta sheet.

Then, she begins to stretch the pasta sheet by rolling the far edge of the sheet around the long rolling pin. Mama Isa holds the side of the pasta sheet while gently pushing the rolled edge outward. She turns the pasta dough a quarter and repeat stretching and turning several times. Working quickly to avoid drying out pasta dough, she rolls up half of the pasta sheet around the rolling pin and, with her palms at the center of the pin, gently roll the pin back and forth while she is stretching the pasta dough outward under her hands.

At the end you should be able to see your fingers through the pasta dough.

Now you can cut this pasta sheet in the traditional way, only with a sharp knife!
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