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Mastering Pasta in Italy

Mastering Pasta in Italy

with Mama Isa

Mastering Pasta in Italy
Date/Time: every day all the year
Location: Italy near Venice in Padova
Limited to 8 guests.

Join the "maestra" for an intimate cooking class at Mama Isa's Cooking Classes near Venice Padova in Italy.
The Art and Practice of Handmade Fresh Pasta.
This class starts with special 00 flour and special eggs for pasta and ends with plates of fantastic pasta.

Isa will teach you about the history and nutrition of wheat and also demonstrate techniques for making  hand-rolled pasta and extruded pasta.
Guests will enjoy pasta courses and house wines available throughout the event.

This is the ultimate pasta-making experience in Italy!
The Art and Practice of Handmade Fresh Pasta
Pasta Class in Italy

Pasta Making Class
Pasta Class in Italy
The collection about the pasta tools
Pasta Tools 

The art of pasta making - fresh penne from scratch
Making Penne
Pasta Workshop in Italy - Fresh Pasta Penne
Fresh Penne 

Isa says: "Pastamaking is an art! It involves technique as well as balance. It's a dance or a  symphony!!!!"

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