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Philosophy | Mama Isa

Philosophy | Mama Isa

I have a strong love for Italian Regional Cuisine: I am a cooking class instructor.

I try to maintain the values of my work and my family’s cooking traditions (for three generations, mother to son)must have my roots, my feet, planted firmly in the cooking traditions!!!

This is me: my name is Isa.

My knowledge has been handed down to me primarily from my mother, Paola, but also from other women in my ancestry, my paternal and maternal grandmothers (Ninetta and Elisa).  

My techniques are based in classical Italian Regional Cooking.

I am not a convert to the food processor. I am convinced that the food processor is not the true way to facility with nearly all doughs (i.e. fresh egg pasta dough, pizza dough, bread dough, focaccia dough....) If you mix the dough in the processor and if you kneading it by machine, the taste and texture of the dough will not be the same. Perfect fresh egg pasta is a delicate balance of wheat flour 00, eggs and kneading. "Kneading the fresh egg pasta dough, rolling it out, cooking and saucing it" helps me to connect to the essence of the real and traditional Italian Cooking.

One of my earliest memories is of sitting at the kitchen table and watching my grandma Elisa make pasta. Elisa rolled pasta with a long rolling pin, but she used other pasta accessories: a special wooden board and a rectangular kitchen knife. Of course she used other tools to help work faster and better: "tagliatortellini", "Tagliaravioli", "grattuggia per gnocchi", a special comb to make garganelli - a sort of fresh penne, or a special coin to make corzetti, a fresh pasta from Liguria.
I use the same tools!
Fresh Pasta Accessories at Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Italy near Venice
Pasta Accessories  | Mama Isa 
Pasta Tools  | Mama Isa
Pasta Tools  | Mama Isa 

I don't remember when exactly I started rolling out the pasta dough..... maybe I was too young!

Mama Isa rolls the fresh pasta with a rolling pin
Rolling pasta with a long rolling pin  | Mama Isa

Rolling Potato Gnocchi | Mama Isa
Rolling Potato Gnocchi | Mama Isa
Shaping Potato Gnocchi with the Parmesan Grater | Mama Isa

All the techinques I used is from the family. Unfortunately the industrial production of fresh or dried pasta is increasing, and young women will not do fresh pasta by hand now. However I continously encourage chefs and my audience to not abandon the classics, and the classical Italian Regional recipes.

Cooking Classes in Italy
Mama Isa | Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Venice area Italy

My passion is to share with people the art of Italian cooking in the traditional way.
Of course I teach how to make fresh pasta dough with varying ratios of different kinds of wheat flour and eggs, or sometimes with water or milk. I persist to use the old recipes and I love the old poor way to make the traditional cooking.

My whole philosophy and approach is centered around something very authentic and humble. I select simple, fresh, seasonable ingredients.

Butter is certainly present in my cooking, but less than in the past. Unsalted butter is the predominant fat for cooking "risotto", but I love and use extra virgin olive oil as the main fat.
My cuisine is noted for its diversity, abundance of difference in taste, but the tradition is very important.

I love the "cucina povera": "the humble cuisine". I am certainly patriotic, but I love Italian Regional food for all the fascinations it offers, and I love to cook the huge variety of Italian cuisine. You cannot understand the cooking in Italy without seeing it in relation to the history of the country, based on more civilizations that flourished here: The Greek (Magna Grecia), the Etruscan...... then the Arab/Saracen.

During the Renaissance, the Italian Cuisine emerged as the one that influenced the whole of Europe. The first cookbooks were written in Italy (at the end of the 14th century: "ricettari" -recipe books).

But not only history is important for the Italian Regional gastronomy, but also another source. It sustains the appeal, and the variety: the family. So my cooking is a distillation of my personal experiences: I take example from my ancestors. Now in Italy there is a new generation of cooks or chefs with new concerns: they don't have much of a "tradizione" (tradition).  I worry about the death of Italian Regional Gastronomy.

My philosophy on cooking is my philosophy on life: I promote the traditions. All that I cook is the fruit of my work and that of my family!
Cooking Classes in Italy
Mama Isa's Cooking School Italy Venice

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